Our flexible approach to leasing allows us to deliver the ultimate financing package. Every time.

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Vendor Programs

LLC welcomes vendor professionals desiring to join our Leasing Vendor Programs. Following our standard
procedures, a custom program is offered to each individual, and vendor applying.

Teaming with LLC can give you the advantage of being backed by a reputable leasing company but more importantly
your customer will receive the service they deserve and you will increase sales.


Why Lease?

  • Conserve Operating Capital

    Leases usually require smaller initial deposits and allow taxes to be paid monthly. The funds normally used for the purchase of equipment can be re-invested in other areas of your business.

  • Manageable Expenses

    Lease payments are normally a fixed amount monthly, which allows for easier budgeting.

  • Upgrade to Current Equipment

    As your equipment becomes obsolete, it is possible to trade up to current technology at any time during your lease, often with a minimal change to your current monthly payments.

Who We Are

Lakes Leasing Corp (LLC) is a division of the Chisolm Group of Companies (CGI) and has been active in the commercial equipment leasing field for over 20 years. What makes us so unique is our ability to provide our customers with the ultimate financing package, whether they operate as a single owner-operator or a large corporation.


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